Pippen says LeBron is better Player than Jordan??… LMAOOOOOOOOOOOO

Posted: May 28, 2011 in News, Sports
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Pippen says:

“Jordan is the greatest SCORER to play the game……LeBron is the greatest PLAYER to play the game”…….

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Even though Pippen exuded such a Blasphemous statement, i do not think he even know what he said. This further confirms the “Batman and Robin” complex that i knew Pippen always had. Though we always knew he was Robin, he gained our respect because he always played his position. And in every war, you need a soldier to play their position for the win.

This ridiculous statement can only stem from years of being Robin. Jordan was not only the Greatest Scorer to play the game, he was also the greatest, winner, clutch shooter, defender, Leader, dunker, Entertainer, competitor, and over player of all time. Jordan always held these titles at once. And most importantly Jordan gets my respect as a man cause even with all the success he never once did a bitch move on or off the court. Certified G!!. LeBron has yet to prove himself consistent in any of the those categories.

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