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This is a video of a Windows Mobile 7 equipped phone beating the pants off the top of line Iphone(4s) and Android running phone (Galaxy Nexus)

It uses the latest crime statistics for what areas to avoid. Brilliant idea though, but the only thing is what happens when your location is in the “ghetto”? Does it drive you off a cliff? LOL For full article (more…)

With the help of Kinect MS was able to produce an interactive hologram effect. It’s a Brave New World…

Steve Job Dies At 56

Posted: October 5, 2011 in News, Technology
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No matter how much money you have if cancer is going to get you it gets you. R.I.P Maybe Apple will have a sale in his honor… (more…)

Not sure how many of you remember the enemy in the Terminator saga, but its name was “Skynet”. A computer equipped with artificial intelligence and the first thing on its agenda was to nuke the human race and take over the planet. (more…)