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The GOP party are a bunch of dicks willing to destroy their country in order to block the President from being re-elected(strictly my opinion). This 2 party system is a circus now. But I have to respect how the GOP run there ship.

US Attorney General stated that the Obama Administration is in support of reducing criminal sentences for crack cocaine possession and making it retroactive. (more…)

(CNN) — Americans celebrated early Monday in a show of patriotism against the man who committed his life to attacking U.S. citizens, while those directly affected by Osama bin Laden’s terrorist plots quietly reflected on the closure finally gained from his death. (more…)

(CNN) — Can the “birthers” ever be convinced that Barack Obama was born in America and is eligible to serve as president? Probably not, according to one prominent psychology professor and other political observers. (more…)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

As reports that Meredith Vieira is planning an exit from NBC’s “Today Show” swirl, the anchor has sparked controversy over her failure to question a number of unsubstantiated challenges to the U.S. citizenship of President Barack Obama that Donald Trump floated in an interview with Vieira this morning. (more…)