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Maybe I’m missing something but Barry never tested positive for steroids right? The federal judge said his denying of using performance enhancing drugs is “patently false” whatever that means. So they want to give him jail time for obstructing justice for league wide steroid use. Sounds like a witch hunt (more…)

San Francisco, California — Each year at this time, baseball loves to put on its best face. Unfortunately, this year the game’s springtime face has an ugly pimple from its past that simply won’t fade away.
Opening day is at hand. But when Major League teams begin play on Thursday, the game’s all-time leading home run hitter will not be throwing out a ceremonial first pitch. Barry Bonds will be sitting in a courtroom as a defendant, facing possible jail time for allegedly lying to a grand jury about his use of steroids in 2003.

Nostalgia is a big part of baseball. But this sort of nostalgia is not preferred. The Bonds trial is leftover debris from a time that Major League commissioner Bud Selig wishes desperately to put behind him, a time when performance-enhancing drugs were allowed to practically take over the game because of lax testing standards. (more…)

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