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Players in the National Football League have secured a victory in their battle against the team owners when a federal court judge accepted their application for an injunction on Monday, lifting the lockout to mid-March. (more…)

San Francisco, California — Each year at this time, baseball loves to put on its best face. Unfortunately, this year the game’s springtime face has an ugly pimple from its past that simply won’t fade away.
Opening day is at hand. But when Major League teams begin play on Thursday, the game’s all-time leading home run hitter will not be throwing out a ceremonial first pitch. Barry Bonds will be sitting in a courtroom as a defendant, facing possible jail time for allegedly lying to a grand jury about his use of steroids in 2003.

Nostalgia is a big part of baseball. But this sort of nostalgia is not preferred. The Bonds trial is leftover debris from a time that Major League commissioner Bud Selig wishes desperately to put behind him, a time when performance-enhancing drugs were allowed to practically take over the game because of lax testing standards. (more…)

LeBron James, the NBA’s reigning MVP, ended months of speculation and suspense by telling the world Thursday he will play for the Miami Heat next season, leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers after an unsuccessful seven-year quest for the championship he covets.

James wasted no time in making a prediction during his exclusive announcement on ESPN: “We’re going to be a real good team.”

During ESPN’s “The Decision” broadcast Thursday night, the network showed video of Cleveland fans burning LeBron James’s Cavaliers jersey in response to his decision to sign with the Miami Heat next season.


Highest Verical Leap

Posted: June 21, 2010 in News
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I Googled “highest veritcal Leap” out of shear boredem and to my surprise i stumbled across the name Kadour Ziani. This dude is a french dunker from Algeria. He’s 5 foot 10 and has a 60″ World Record Vertical Leap!!

List of NBA athletes with the most Ups provided my

NBA Players
Vince Carter 43″
Karl Malone 28″
Shaq 32″ 9’8″ 12’4″
Steve Francis 43″
Antonio McDyess 42″
Allen Iverson 41″
Shawn Kemp 40″
Rex Chapmann 39″
Desmond Mason 38″
Shaquille Oneal 32″
Lamar Odom 32″
Paul Pierce 38″
Shawn Marion 41″
Carmelo Anthony 41″
Ricky Davis 42″
Tracy McGrady 42″
Nate Robinson 43″
Jason Richardson 46″
James White 46″
Harold Miner 44″
Steve Francis 43″
LeBron James 44″
Fred Jones 42″
Kobe Bryant 38″

Michael Jordan 48″
Dominique Wilkins 42″
Larry Bird 28″
Dr. J 41″
Spudd Webb 46″
Daryl Dawkins 34″
Dee Brown 44″
Harold Miner 44″
Julius Erving 43″
Larry Nance 40″
Ralph Sampson 36″
Karl Malone 28″
Magic Johnson 30″
Shawn Kemp 40″

Other High Vertical Leaps (Non-NBA)
Kadour Ziani (5’10)
Highest Vertical Leaper from Slamnation 60″
World Record Vertical Leap

Michael Wilson (Globetrotters) 51″
Reggie Thompson (Jumpsoles) 56″
Ronnie Fields (CBA) 48″
Melvin Levett 45″
l Pierce Henry Beckering 45″

Randy Moss 51″ (53″ running)

Jevon Kearse 265 lbs 40″

Brandon Dean 39″