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There is a war going on outside and no one is safe from the NYPD. Once again, NYPD show us that they operate above their own law that they are supposed to uphold. Too many times have we fell victim to the BUSINESS of Police. Experiencing false arrests, harassment, and profiling while just trying to get home from work or school. All this just to meet police quotas for the month to secure their jobs. And this bullshit along with plenty of “mistakes” they made continues to be covered up the mayor and the commissioner, as if cops lives mean more than the actual victims. How much of this bullshit do you expect people to take? When will higher authorities step in to investigate these cops?

The tipping point has been reached.

R.I.P Ramarley Graham


The President Obama Deception

Posted: January 29, 2012 in News
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I’ve been hearing about this for a while, finally got a link

LOL@ Newt taking the high road, but not fully answering the question and this other clown that just wanted to hear his voice. Ron Paul makes some good points, but he’s against the Civil Rights Act so that automatically makes him un-electable in my book.

Well at least no one can ever accuse him of being indecisive…

To see him defend his position hit the jump (more…)