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Go to the 25 second mark to peep the music that was “accidentally” played

Mya at Rain Nightclub

Posted: January 16, 2012 in Bad Chicks
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This is real talk, skip to the 9 minute mark to see Kordell Stewart drop that realness. The entire video is a good watch though…

Recently Commissioner Goodell has been using Harrison as the Poster child for Helmet to Helmet contact and has said many unpleasant things about Harrison. This all comes as a great shock (more…)

I finally surrendered to NetFlix this weekend and became a subscriber. The Internet forced all my local Blu-Ray/DVD rental spots out of business and now i see why. NetFlix is no joke!! When browsing through the anime section, i discovered the Black Panther Animated series by Reginal Hudlin. I can’t believe this went under my radar.

To check out Episode 1 of a 12 part series (more…)