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Washington (CNN) — President Barack Obama signed a short-term funding extension on Saturday hours after Democrats and Republicans narrowly averted a partial shutdown of the federal government by agreeing on the measure and a budget deal.

The new funding extension, which cuts spending by $2 billion, will last through next Friday, April 15.
The Senate immediately passed the extension on a voice vote. The House of Representatives followed suit early Saturday morning.
Administration and congressional officials made clear that there would be no lapses in government funding. (more…)

I like it, makes it seem like he still has his ear to street, even though the first go round they didn’t let him do what he wanted to.

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I think he was a bit harsh, even if Pres. Obama was the reincarnation of Malcolm X he can’t just turn the countries direction 180 degrees in an instant. Libya is his Iraq, but not as bad I think as far as the mess. The country is probably better off with out him(Gadafi) in the long run anyway.

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More than 112 Tomahawk cruise missiles struck over 20 targets inside Libya today in the opening phase of an international military operation the Pentagon said was aimed at stopping attacks led by Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi and enforcing a U.N.-backed no-fly zone. To read the rest of the source article click here.