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Blackberry might be losing ground on a global level to the likes of Android phones and the Iphone. But in England approximately 37% of the young adults and children are using blackberry’s. Its popularity stemmed from its BBM(Blackberry Messenger)and ironically is the catalyst for the organizing of riots that are currently occurring in London, England. (more…)

Most of the Android smartphones on the market are susceptible to an attack in which someone could access calendar and contact data over an unencrypted Wi-Fi network, a team of German researchers said in a new report. (more…)

Computerworld – Apple today denied that it tracks iPhone and iPad users, saying that “users are confused” about the issue.

In a statement posted on its Web site, Apple defended the practice, but admitted that there were bugs in its software that would be fixed “in the next few weeks” with an update to iOS, the mobile operating system that powers the iPhone and iPad. (more…)