Drinking Alcohol Leads to a Longer Life For Middle Aged Women.

Posted: September 7, 2011 in News
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We’ve always heard that a glass of red wine with dinner is good for your heart. But now it looks like any alcoholic beverage can have a similar effect. There was a study that started in 1976 on mid life women who drink regularly (45 grams or less=3 glasses) to monitor there health in to the 70’s. Here are the articles conclusion:

RESULTS: Women who drank five to 15 grams of alcohol per day (or as much as one drink per day) improved their odds of good overall health when older by 20 percent compared to non-drinkers. Those who drank regularly or at least five days a week were also found to be healthier than occasional drinkers.

CONCLUSION: Regular, moderate consumption of alcohol at midlife may be linked to improved overall health among women who survive to older ages.

I’m hoping this applies to men since genetically we aren’t all that different. Ladies now you know don’t waste all your drinking days during your college years wait a little while longer….

For the source article click here.


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