Blackberry’s are The Best Device To Use When Organizing A Riot?

Posted: August 10, 2011 in News, Technology
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Blackberry might be losing ground on a global level to the likes of Android phones and the Iphone. But in England approximately 37% of the young adults and children are using blackberry’s. Its popularity stemmed from its BBM(Blackberry Messenger)and ironically is the catalyst for the organizing of riots that are currently occurring in London, England.

Unlike the Middle East riots in Egypt and Iran that used online social networks such as twitter. The Englishmen chose BBM because of it’s encrypted nature unlike twitter and everyone on your list is personally approved. BBM does allow messaging to multiple recipients and its free.

This type of organized rioting are giving fits to the police who seem to be one step behind every time. English lawmakers have asked for Blackberry’s cooperation during these times to help get a handle on whats going and punish the appropriate parties involved.

Makes me want to go back to Blackberry when we march on Washington….someday….

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