Iron Man 2010, Anime

Posted: March 22, 2011 in Movies & TV
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They recently came out with an Iron Man anime in Japan.  It just completed and I’ll be posting the stream.  These are english subbed not dubbed.  Wolverine Anime is currently in production in Japan as well I’ll get those up soon.  Personally I think they did a decent job but I was never a big fan of the comic book, so I’m not sure how closely it follows the original.

Iron Man Comes to Japan: Episode 1
Vodpod videos no longer available.

You can view the other episodes here: Iron Man 2010

  1. jeremy says:

    this is actually really good…

  2. Gil says:

    this is pretty cool…

  3. Ping says:

    much better then Iron Man 2

  4. Jerry says:

    dope, American cartoons need to get their shit together…

  5. We know nothing of the comic. The anime had an interesting first season. Decent quality animation but some nonsensical enemies.

    Here is our take with a lot of pics and a little humor if your are interested:

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