Help Wordsworth and Skeematics pick some group names

Posted: November 13, 2010 in Hip Hop (No Sucka Shit), Randomness
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Skeematics  (of SIC Beats) has been blessed with the oppertunity to create an entire album with the legendary Wordsworth (of eMC and Punch & Words). They are currently hard at work to drop the yet untitled collaboration album by 1st quarter 2011. However they need a group/band name for this organic project thats in creation. Please help us pick a name by making a selections below. Any other suggestions will also be taken into considerations. Thanks for your support. Peace.

  1. sha-mecca says:

    peace. people on okayplayer so far love Rhed Tape but don’t like the ‘h’ in there.

  2. steve P says:

    For some reason “Black Stripes” just came into my mind as a group name… Black has lots of powerful meaning, stripes indicate ranking or a level of command…

  3. steve P says:

    Yo Steph! Remember “Woodsman” as your back in da day group name!! lool

  4. Paul says:

    ever come up with a name…

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