Leaked Pictures of Cassie Topless…

Posted: May 7, 2009 in Bad Chicks
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… have hit the internet. It seems someone hacked Cassie’s iphone (yeah…. someone named Diddy)


UPDATE: Cassie spread Eagle

Hit the Jump for full view cassie1a


Cassie legs open

And this is Beyonce’s reaction after seeing the Cassies VJJ…

  1. TAKHIM says:

    I heard this was a publicity stunt!

    • SKEEMATICS says:

      I thought so too at 1st, but i really dont think she would’ve went that far with that puss picture.

  2. steve p says:

    who is this chic suppose to be? is it just some random hot chic?

  3. steve p says:

    I think its the same chic cause her breast are positioned the same as the previous pics (nipples), plus the same form and all… lol

  4. steve p says:

    ha! ok! she a singer (googled her name), just busy with other stuff…

  5. Trey says:

    That Beyonce reaction after seeing the Cassie was kind of funny. Speaking of Cassie she got a nice body.

  6. A6 says:

    Gentlemen… Cassie is a freak. diddy has flipped this young chic out

  7. Trey says:

    Diidy’s a perve Cassie don’t want his bummy ass& he snitched on shyne and shyt mayne

  8. Frank says:

    Diddy eating good…

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