Nike Air Force 1 Supreme – Weatherproof – 0.44 Sticky Rubber – Olive / Khaki

Posted: October 22, 2008 in Fashion
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Today we have some detailed shots of a pair of low top Nike Air Force 1 Supreme WP’s. They feature a waterproof upper constructed from a combination of suede and other waterproof materials that are bound to keep you dry during those nasty winter days. They feature an olive colored upper along with a white Nike swoosh that really sets off the shoe. A unique feature is actually the new .44 Sticky Rubber which is seen on not just the outsole, but the entire midsole. This is a number assigned to the rubber compound used to create the sole, which is typically seen on ACG products. Basically, the number .44 was seen before on many Nike ACG products, but to the consumer, it was just a number. So actually .44 as a rubber compound isn’t some new technology, but referring to it as 0.44 Sticky Rubber is. It provides great traction, especially in wet weather. Via.

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