46 Year Old Evander Holyfield Signs to fight 7′2 Russian Giant

Posted: October 9, 2008 in News
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Evander Holyfield has accepted an offer to challenge Nikolai Valuev for his heavyweight world title, the former four-time champion told ESPN.com Wednesday night. Holyfield (42-9-2, 27 KOs) said his attorney is reviewing a contract from Valuev promoter Sauerland Event for a fight that would take place Dec. 20 in either Germany or Switzerland.

Whats up with these old Professional Boxers? Why cant they just fall back and enjoy their millions? This is ridiculous. Boxing is like a circus show now.

  1. gr says:

    hes a bout to die nigga is old now he need to chill and sit in his rockin chair in his mansion

  2. shamecca says:

    i’m afraid for that nigga life!

  3. sicbeats says:

    The thing about Evander is that he is warrior to a fault. You can cut this dudes arms off and he will still fight you to death. Somebody in his camp gotta tell him chill before he turns like Ali.

  4. Blaqlocust says:

    Why does this look so familiar…Yo, that’s my word, this shit looks like a real version of the old nintendo game called Mic Tyson Punch out!

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