Kimbo gets knocked out by a pink haired dude.. WTF?

Posted: October 5, 2008 in News
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I’m speechless. First Sham Rock cancels his fight with Kimbo. Than this Pink Haired dude is pulled from no where as substitution, and he ends up knocking out Kimbo.

  1. shamecca says:

    lol kimbo was better off fightin random niggas in his backyard
    his last fight he barely won. and now this shit lol what a shame. i’m glad i ain’t place no bets

  2. sicbeats says:

    Yo. to make matters worse, the pink-haired dude is actually a fassy. There are pictures of this sisi performing foul acts with men. Damn, everything is Heltah Skeltah.

  3. shamecca says:

    YOOOO i saw that on another website yesterday he actually refers to himself as ‘gothy homo’ or some weird shit. its not looking good for kimbo

  4. teacher says:

    wow….thats embarassing….but i guess after omar from the wire gay thugs ain’t that far off….

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