Jim Jones Talks “Swagger Like Us” Remake, Says T.I.’s Swag is Fabricated

Posted: October 3, 2008 in Randomness

“No one on the corner got swag like you we don’t Rocawear that’s for fags like you.”

Complex recently sat down with the Capo and got some info on the remake of “Swagger Like Us” that he’s doing with lil Gay-ne, Juelz Wacktana and Chink Wacktana. He also speaks on the original and what he perceives as a lack of swag on the part of some of the MC’s who spit on it. Hit the jump for some gems.
On Jay-Z’s recent Vibe cover:

Tell me who Jay-Z looks like in there? Did you see the picture of him? With the Louis Vuitton scarf and all that. Who did that resemble? You can say it. But he did it wrong; he had a Gucci belt with a Louis Vuitton scarf. Who does that? You smell me? That’s like wearing one Nike and one Puma; how you going to get away with that?

On T.I.’s “swag”

I don’t feel like he possesses any swag. Not like that. It’s fabricated. They’re watching other people, then they try and do it. You know people that dress like T.I.? You know people that go out and say let me get a T.I. outfit or do you know people who say “yo, you’re looking like Jim Jones?” Which one? Lemme hear it! When the bitches want to fuck you and the niggas want be like you, who got the swag?

Jim says he’s putting “Jackin’ Swagger From Us” on his new album as a bonus, so it should be leaking shortly.

  1. Skeematics says:

    Swag? Whateva nigga… What the fuck is this nigga talkin about with his Foo-Foo scarf. tight jeans and sm-edium shirts. All these niggas sound real masisi. If you following any of these fools styles, than you are a double masisi.

    Get the fuck outta here… you harlem dudes really bug me out.

  2. shamecca says:

    lmao big and serious. i agree @ skeem. this whole shit sound gay. niggas commenting on a next nigga so called swag is real homo. like incredibly homo. you a rapper jim what you watching niggas fashion for?!

  3. Blaqlocust says:

    lololololololololol!!!!!!!!!!!! Out of all the things that are fucked up in this world, this dude picked someone else’s clothing style to stress about. Not knowing the fact that he helped promote that kind of fashion. I swear these mofo’s are so lost in this game! Do us all a favor and step your bars up nigga!

  4. teacher says:

    lol@ its like wearing one puma and a nike….where does he get the material…lol

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