Josh Howard says “i dont celebrate that s**t” about National Anthem

Posted: September 18, 2008 in News
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When will ya’ll million dollar negroes learn to stop talking shit on camera? Especially in this youtube era.

  1. shamecca says:

    i mean hey he keepin it real. lol maybe too real but thats how a lotta niggas (including myself) feel. i could really give a fuck about a star spangled banner or pledge of allegiance. but yea that was completely retarded on dude’s part lol ‘when keeping it real goes wrong’

  2. gr says:

    No Comment Satelites are washing

  3. shamecca says:

    LOL @ g.r.

  4. Gr says:

    Put u On a Yacht but they wont call it a slave ship -mighty mos- lol

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