Before I Self Destruct Listening Session With SHA MONEY XL and TY FYFFE

Posted: September 9, 2008 in Production Tips

I remember when Ty called me up and asked to ghost produce for him. The catch was that he would take full publishing credit for our work, we would just get the advance money. I declined. Any comments?

  1. gr says:

    they sound like they got a Fake Sic Beat sound anyways…lol i Agree wit your decision though on the real cause he wasnt trying to break bread on the publishing i wouldnt of did that shit either, like how do u claim a beat thats not yours thats corney tell that nigga to get a new job those beats they playin is prolly someone elses shit that use the same studio j/k…way to use your head and not the pocket in that shit situation….im mad bored and just rambling now peaace….

  2. shamecca says:

    lol @ g.r.

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