Rakim speaks on Eminem

Posted: September 4, 2008 in Z Interviews
  1. shamecca says:

    blah @ rakim i have to agree with the dude interviewing him if eminem wasn’t white he wouldn’t be who he is or where he is today. royce the 5’9″ squashes eminem to me
    and i use him as an example because they have similar styles and are from the same place. and that’s just one example.

    same token rakim definitely has a point in saying eminem is nasty and you can’t take that away from him. he’s right about that but he’s riding his dick hard when he asks something like ‘how many black rappers are better than eminem?’ i can name 10 right now.

  2. Jibber Jabber says:

    ^^Just out of curiousity, who are your 10 rappers better than Eminem?

  3. shamecca says:

    well first off rakim himself lol
    big pun
    kool g rap
    pharoah monch
    royce the 5’9″
    sean price

  4. skeematics says:

    good list sha!! but I can’t add the dead rappers on that list though. eminem is a great lyricist but not the best. how about wordsworth and canibus? and even jayz? gotta give jay his dues.

  5. sha-mecca says:

    word! i agree with wordsworth and jayz. i just rattled those off the top of my head. but u’re right

  6. teacher says:

    I think yall missing rakim’s point…..i think he saying his rap format(the way he writes, his multi’s, breath control) is just sick and better then most rappers….he’s not saying his lyrics are the best….just he has some of the best raw talent….Royce is nice but he always seemed stiffer then eminem when they rapped IMO…not talking lyrics just how they sound…

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