Posted: August 8, 2008 in Hip Hop (No Sucka Shit)

Petit Payi (Ayiti) – Tour of the World Mixtape

The words “female” and “emcee” might seem a bit oxymoronic when knit together in 2008. Maybe it’s because your average female rapper has a stronger Ghostwriter than our old childhood friend at PBS. Or maybe it’s because rap fans tend to prefer their women grand on the cleavage and bland on the concepts. Brooklyn-Born Sha-Mecca isn’t your average woman, and so she isn’t your average rapper. She’s a female emcee. And she’s pretty confident that she’ll shatter that glass ceiling. And why shouldn’t she be??? Truth be told, if matched in a battle with the majority of male rappers currently topping the charts, she would eat them like they came with fried rice.

Here’s one of my favorite tracks from her mixtape “Tour of the World”. It’s a track called “Petit Pays (Haiti)”, where she chronicles the condition of her homeland and even gives a tutorial in rhyming in creole. Somebody text Wyclef. Not you though. You should just sit back and listen and be transported back to the days of MC Lyte. When artists, both male and female … were just that, artists.

Jacked from A Side B Side Media

  1. gr says:

    Nice Song I made the beat

  2. shamecca says:

    yes yes big up g.r. for the beat that shit is HARD!

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