Some of Hip Hops most embarrasing Exposures

Posted: July 23, 2008 in LoL

Today’s Smoking Gun expose seemed to put the nail in the coffin for Rick Ross’s ducktales that he was a) never a correctional officer and b) the victim of a cruel Photoshop prank by nerds on the net.

One has to realize that if the Boobie Boy had only owned up to the rumors early, he could have saved himself the embarrassment that comes with being sonned by your own damn photo. Ricky isn’t the first to get hoisted by his own petard, word to the Bard–so we dug in the crates to serve up a delicious archive of ether. After the jump, peep some dark moments for some of your favorite performers, and vote on who caught the worst L.

Rick Ross’s Keys Opened Doors
Trick hinted at it, but TSG proved it. Yikes. Talk about screw music.

Dr. Dre Gets Wrecked
When Eazy-E and Dre got to beefing post-NWA, Eazy dug out Dre’s old album art from World Class Wreckin’ Cru’s 1985 album World Class. And yeah, that was only three years before Straight Outta Compton.

Prodigy’s Happy Feet
New York’s Summer Jam 2001 was hell on earth for Prodigy (zing!) when Jay-Z flashed a picture from Albert Johnson’s younger days as an entertainer. A dude still known as Ballerina P don’t want it with Hov—NOOOOOO!

The Game Gets Dumped
Back when 50 was dealing with his very first G-Unit defection (oh, how the time flies!), someone dug up Jayceon’s appearance on trash dating show Change of Heart, and everyone from Joe Budden to Yukmouth had a go.

Lil Gayne & Baby Lock Lips
Was it a Mob affectation? A M.O.B. affectation? Uh, sure. Either way, D’Wayne and Brian’s embrace was almost the kiss of death for Cash Money.

Pre-Glamour Ashanti
The queen of the Inc. was an unfortunate casualty of the 50-Ja Rule feud. “Am I trippin’,” Curtis asked, “or is her sideburns thick like Eddie Munster?” Then someone spread this picture around the web. Is it really Ashanti? We can’t say for sure, but the suggestion alone had a lot of us shook

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