Nick Cannon is P*ssy whipped!! What a sad sight to see.

Posted: June 30, 2008 in LoL

How the mighty Nickelodean Pimp has fallen. Look at this dude all pinked out shopping for Mariah.

“Mariah’s friends have it all wrong, Nick is a huge Hello Kitty buff

Mariah Carey’s friends are giving the singer’s marriage to Nick Cannon “six months, tops.” Why? Because Nick’s a ginormous pussy. From Life & Style magazine:

The insider claims that the reason behind that gloom-and-doom prediction is Nick’s need to do everything for his diva bride. While Mariah likes being waited on hand and foot, that routine won’t work in the long run.

“Nick does whatever Mariah wants him to — he’s like her puppy,” the insider said. “It seems like Nick spends more time in the stores with Mariah’s credit card than he does with Mariah herself. Mariah’s assistants and friends call him ‘Whipped Nick’ behind his back. They have little respect for him because he won’t stand up for himself.” (Source)

Can you blame Nick for being such a pussy? Becoming a little bitch just to please your sugar mamma isn’t a new concept, it’s done all the time these days. See: Stedman, David Gest, and . . . what’s Rosie’s girlfriend’s name?”

  1. GR says:

    i had no respect for him and the little nothing i had for him is never going to go up lol

  2. Shaaaaaa says:

    Nick you are the man.. Shop for pink shit it’s o.k. Cause at the end of the day YOU will be blazin that fine ass while many others will jerk off to her poster.

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