Racist Hackers Jack SOHH

Posted: June 27, 2008 in Hip Hop (No Sucka Shit)

Never underestimate the warped mentality of racist people. Some seriously disturbed white folks went and hacked into the SOHH.com & f**ked it all up, riddling it with racists rants and offensive imagery. Word is, the same band of idiots from www.ebaumsworld.com may have also tampered with AllHipHop.com as well.

  1. BlueMeccha says:

    I found this funny… Black people perpetuate stereotypes in music. I blame Soulja Boy and all the other stupid ignorant rappers. This is the internet version of a rapper beef. 50 cent marries a watermelon, Tupac is alive.. that made me smile a bit This is coming from a black dude. For all black people, stop trying to act tough – you are not doing a damn thing… People said that these people better come up in a brothers face, they dont have to, they can hack your bank accounts for all they care. RULE 1: DONT CHALLENGE THE INTERNET.

  2. BlueMeccha says:

    Also, people need to learn more computer technology, because they dont understand proxies, C++. Also this hacking shows that we are way behind in understanding the web compared to other races such as Asians, Whites, Indians, and what not.

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