Beyonce & Stringer Bell: On the Scene of “Obsessed”

Posted: June 27, 2008 in Movies & TV

Yo, i dont care if its just acting. I know that Stringer Bell from the Wire (real name: Edris Elba) has to be getting Jay-Z real pissed with this movie. Stringer has never taken a role so seriously.. lol.

  1. Shaaaaaa says:

    Lucky nigga. I hope she had a breath mint cause we all knw her breath be mad hotttttttttttttt ( FIIIIIIIIIIRE)

  2. Skeematics says:

    word? how u know if her breath is kickin or not? You had an affair with her behind JayZ’s back?

  3. GR says:

    lol yea SHAAAAA is def hating… shorty is a lil to into the kiss

  4. teacher says:

    its over for camel boy

  5. alvin says:

    that movie is be hot and im a biggest 1 fan of beyonce any way ok

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