Mother Eff Nascar!!

Posted: June 11, 2008 in News
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This is Mauricia Grant, technical inspector for NASCAR and aspiring racing official. She is currently suing NASCAR for $225 million behind claims of racial and sexual discrimination/harassment and wrongful termination. Check out some of the bllsh*t she had to put up with these racist fools:

• Grant was forced to work outside more often than the white male officials because her supervisors believed she couldn’t sunburn because she was black.

• While riding in the backseat of her car pool at Talladega Superspeedway, co-workers told her to duck as they passed race fans. “I don’t want to start a riot when these fans see a black woman in my car,” she claims one official said.

• When packing up a dark garage at Texas Motor Speedway an official told Grant: “Keep smiling and pop your eyes out ’cause we can’t see you.”

• When she ignored advances from co-workers, Grant was accused of being gay. She also claimed co-workers questioned the sexual orientation of two other female officials.

One official asked Grant: “Does your workout include an urban obstacle course with a flat-screen TV on your back?”

Big Up to Mauricia for holding her own with those simple ass inbred NASCAR freaks. $225 Million is a whole lot of duckets, but we hope the sista get the justice she deserves. FUCK NASCAR.


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