NOT PRESERVING THE SEXY: Ciroc keeps Diddy in “Check”

Posted: May 27, 2008 in LoL


Diddy tries to do the dirty on Ciroc Vodka! They paid him $100 million endorsement deal and he don’t even drink it!!

“Yesterday, reported that Sean Combs was not honoring his $100 million endorsement contract with Ciroc Vodka. It seems Combs was photographed at parties swilling everything but the vodka that he is supposed to be hustling to the black community.

Apparently, Sean Combs thought he could take Ciroc’s $100 million and still drink whatever he wanted. I mean, if your own spokesperson won’t drink the stuff why should we?

A shook Sean Combs hastily released a statement through his long suffering publicist Kwasi Asare. The statement reads in part: Entertainment powerhouse, Sean “Diddy” Combs, today announced that he has given up champagne and tequila. “When I reach for a drink, I reach for Ciroc Vodka”, said Combs.

The statement went on to say the reports that Combs was “reveling with other brands” were false. I guess the pictures of his “reveling with other brands” are false too?”

Thoughts on this bitchassedness?


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