Stupid Cops (Part 1)

Posted: May 15, 2008 in LoL

Watch the way these genius cops let the criminals escape from plain sight.

  1. Serenade says:

    WOW!!!! lol hahahahahhaaaa!!! tax dollars at work…. damn this is hilarious!

  2. Serenade says:

    OMG… lol. I wonder what the people inside told them. I know what I would have to say to them… damn 😀

  3. Blaqlocust says:

    I know right….prime example of NY’s so called finest in action! Dumb ass cops!

  4. SJB says:

    God damn it! It’s a video shoot for a commercial people! This has nothing to do with “NY’s Finest,” and please do not discredit the incredible jobs police officers do to protect your sorry asses everyday. You’re gonna regret your words when you need them someday….

  5. Schade dass die Wette so daneben gegangen ist, aber bei live Sendungen gibt es leider keine Versichering. Wünsche ihm trotzdem alles gute.

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