Ex Viking Darrion Scott charged with endangerment of 2-year-old son

Posted: May 9, 2008 in Hip Hop (No Sucka Shit)

“A woman reported Scott held a plastic dry cleaning bag over her 2-year-old son’s head. She told child protection Scott was the boy’s father, who recently became involved in the boy’s life in January 2008. The woman told police Scott asked the boy to spend the night at his Eden Prairie home on April 25. When she went to pick up her son the next day, she walked through the unlocked door and heard crying.

When she entered the home, she found Scott leaning over the boy, who was on his back crying and kicking his legs. The boy had a dry cleaning bag over his head and Scott was holding it tight around the boy’s neck. Scott told the woman they were playing and he wanted to see if the boy could get the bag off by himself.

Other Injuries:
The woman told police she noticed other injuries on her son after his visit to Scott’s home. When she asked him, Darrion Scott told her the boy might have fallen in the utility room. Toward the end of March or beginning of April, Scott brought the boy home and asked if he could bathe him, according to the criminal complaint. The next day, the boy’s mother noticed what appeared to be burn marks of his arm and ear. Scott told her he didn’t know how the boy was injured.

A doctor, and child abuse expert, examined the marks and determined they were intentionally inflicted. She said the marks were consistent with burns or an impact injury. In ‘February, the boy came home with three lumps on his forehead. Scott told the mother they were doing a ‘victory dance’ to celebrate the boy’s use of the toilet, and he threw the boy in the air, causing him to fall and hit his head on the frame of a sofa.”

This mofo needs to do everyone a favor and throw himself under a slow moving bus.


  1. Shaaaaaa says:

    What a sick fuck.. The Mother should eat his ass alive with child support and never let him see his son again…
    Coming from a Father…

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