A Warrant Issued For Foxy Brown Arrest In Brooklyn

Posted: May 5, 2008 in Hip Hop (No Sucka Shit)

Foxy Brown – Come Fly With Me (ft Sizzla)

I was trying to avoid posting any Foxy Brown news but this is just pure stupidity.

TMZ has learned that a judge just issued a bench warrant for Foxy’s arrest minutes ago, after she failed to show for a hearing this AM in Brooklyn Criminal Court. The judge called her late this morning and her defense attorney didn’t know where she was and hadn’t heard from her.
Foxy Brown — as in just-released-from-prison Foxy Brown — really shouldn’t be testing the patience of judges. But that’s just what she did this morning in Brooklyn.
She’s facing assault and weapons charges stemming from an incident in which she allegedly pulled a Naomi and bashed a Brooklyn woman with a Blackberry

  1. Shaaaaaa says:

    She should know better.. But she knows how to get in the news.. by doing stupid shit….

  2. Shaaaaaa says:

    Ain’t no cell better than the one I got. Rikers do it better… Biotch!!!!

  3. don diva mini me says:

    yall some damm hater…shes the best female rapper of all times…

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