Posted: May 1, 2008 in LoL

FORT WORTH, Texas – Fort Worth police arrested a Crowley man accused of trying to cash a stolen check for billions of dollars.Police said Charles Ray Fuller, 21, tried to cash the check at a Chase Bank, but the teller did a double take after noticing the check was for $360 billion.The check was made out to “Fulla Comp and Entertainment,” the record company Fuller wanted to start, NBC 5 reported.

Police said Fuller stole the check from Paula Prettyman, the mother of Fuller’s girlfriend, Andrea Greer.”I wouldn’t picture him doing something that stupid, I mean, hurting me and my family,” Greer said.

Greer and her family said they don’t know what Fuller was thinking.”I didn’t think he’d do this, something this dumb. I think it shocked everybody that knew him,” Greer said.Her grandmother Sharon Laird agreed.”

I said, ‘Do what? Is he crazy? We were just in awe,” she said.

Laird said if her family had $360 billion, “I wouldn’t be sitting here. I’d be somewhere drinking margaritas. It’s five o’clock somewhere, sometime.”

Authorities said Fuller also had a gun and marijuana in his possession at the time of his arrest.Fuller told NBC 5 he police caught him with a gun and a small amount of marijuana, but he denied trying to cash the $360 billion check.

  1. Shaaaaaa says:

    What an asshole.. He shouldn’t go to jail.. He should be admitted to a Hospital….

  2. sha-mecca says:

    wow what a dummy lol

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