G-Unit Plays Dirty…lol

Posted: April 29, 2008 in Hip Hop (No Sucka Shit)

This is difficult to explain, but I am going to do my best. When you pop in a CD into iTunes, the program imports all the songs data and puts it into the system. My boy S.Hill bought Fat Joe’s Elephant in the Room and G-Unit’s Elephant in the Sand at the same time. So, he imported Joe’s CD in first. Then he put in G-Unit’s. When he went to listen to Joe’s CD, he heard DJ Whoo kid of G-Unit and furthermore, the whole rest of the CD was G-Unit. Basically, 50 and his digital minions over at G Unit encoded all of Fat Joe’s info (song name, producer info, artists, and even the album cover) onto the G Unit CD. So when you ripped the albums into your computer, the G Unit album would take place of or eat the Fat Joe album. Hill ended up manually entering the name of the G Unit CD and songs before I ripping the songs so his computer would know the difference.

  1. sha says:

    wow. digital warfare in hip hop. niggas is going hard. lol

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