Jean Grae Retires?

Posted: April 28, 2008 in Hip Hop (No Sucka Shit)

Pardon me Prod. By 9th Wonder

It looks like Jean Grae is bidding adieu to the record industry.
In a new blog on her MySpace page, the Brooklyn emcee thanks all of her fans for their support and gives salutations to hip-hop, with a finalizing tone.
“It’s been a wonderful and awful journey all at the same time. Mostly leaning towards the wonderful Thank you for letting me share what I could with you and sharing yourselves back, as you have really been the reason that I kept on,” she types. “I will always love what I consider to be true hip hop music… from the bottom of my soul. I hope you will continue to distinguish those who are contributors to the evolution of Hip Hop and other black music as both an auditory stimulation and a culture, taking care that they are put in a position to do so.”
She ends the note saying, “Enjoy…see y’all around. It’s been amazing. Thank you again”
Her profile name on MySpace has also been changed to “Jean Grae Saying Peace Out,” and her only remaining profile picture is of her apparently blowing a kiss goodbye.
Jean Grae joined Blacksmith Music, Talib Kweli’s label imprint under Warner Bros, in September 2005. She was set to

  1. Blaqlocust says:

    WTF would make her retire if she is sign to Talib’s lable? Also, she is one of the illest, if not the illest female in the industry right now…Well, props to her anyway for not being a wack emcee.

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