Bling H2O… $40 Bottle of water?

Posted: April 16, 2008 in Hip Hop (No Sucka Shit)

Some people think bottled water is a fool’s drink. I’m not among them, but when a bottle of water costs $38, it’s hard not to see their point.

The drink of choice these days among image-conscious status seekers and high-end hollywood mofos in L.A. is Bling H2O.

It may have swept Hollywood, but it’s sprung from Tennessee. And it’s not the water that accounts for the cost, said Michael Mascha, founder of, a site that provides analysis and reviews of bottled waters for the water connoisseur.

Much of the $38 is due to the “limited edition” bottle decked out in Swarovski crystals. Billed as “couture water,” Bling H20, the marketing gibberish tells us, is “not for everyone, just those that Bling. So the question is, Do You Bling?”


Here is the genius that is capatilizing off people’s stupidity.

Papoose – Fruits of labor

  1. sha-mecca says:

    WOW. that’s kinda nuts. crazy how advertisers stay tryin to play black people. i hope we don’t fall for this one. talkin about ‘bling’ water wtf?? lol that’s crazy

  2. soune says:

    At least the person who is capitalizing on it is a black man, too bad I didn’t think about it:)

  3. Shaaaaaa says:

    Only Black people will buy this shit..

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