Big Daddy Kane – R.A.W.

Posted: April 11, 2008 in Bad Chicks
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Thats right, from left to right, Big Daddy Kane, Madonna, and Naomi Campbell. Kane was gettin it in real early before suckas was realizing what was goin on.

  1. soune says:

    I didn’t know Madonna and Naomi got down like that…check out Big Daddy Kane’s draws, I guess leopard print speedo’s were the shit back then. All the old school rappers had at least one pair for the ladies…..:) whatccha know ’bout dat, yung buck!!!!!!

  2. Shaaaaaa says:

    Yo that nigga Kane was doing it like that? Ain’t no half steppin here.

  3. Busmcrs says:

    Kane was hitting these pop snowflakes before it was fashionable. Another reason he may the greatest of all time.

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